Emergency powers of President of India

Emergency powers of President of India

Emergency powers of President of India

Indian constitution has given an extensive power to the president of India to face abnormal conditions in emergency times. XVIIIth part of Indian Constitution provides three types of emergency power. These emergency provisions are available in Indian Constitution from article 352 to 360.

Important facts related to emergency powers of the president:

  • Article 352 empowers the president of India in external aggression or armed rebellion situation.
  • Under Article 352, three times emergency has been announced so far.
  • Para 16 under 356 applies in the case of failure of constitutional machinery in any particular state.
  • Under Article 360, emergency announces ​​in the event of financial crisis.
  • There is no any condition came to annouce article 360 ​​till now.
  • Article 356 has been used 115 times so far.

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