Balban-The Protector from Mongol of Delhi Sultanate

Balban-The Protector from Mongol of Delhi Sultanate

Balban-The Protector from Mongol of Delhi Sultanate

The actual name of the bullabah was ‘Bahauddin’ and he was a member of ‘Chahalgani’ Dal formed by Iltutmish.

Balban  was born in a Turkish family of Ilbari Tribe.He became Sultan of Delhi with the name ‘Gayasuddin Balbal’, after the death of Nasiruddin Mahmud in 1265 AD. He has forcibly destroyed the ‘Tarkan-e-Chalagani’.

Balban and Mongol History

  • Balban protected the Delhi Kingdom from the Mongol invasion.
  • He introduced the practice of ‘Sijada’ (sitting on knee) and ‘pybos’ (kissing sultan’s feet) in the court.

The last ruler of the Gulam dynasty was Shamsuddin Kaimurs

  • Balban welcomed Halaku’s representative in 1259
  • In the court of Balban, the famous poet Amir Khusro used to live.
  • Balban organised an efficient system of espionage as an instrument of his despotism.

Balban reconstituted the military department ‘Diwan-e-Arj’.

  • Balban re-organised his army and made it strong and efficient.
  • He appointed Imad-ul-Mulk who was a competent vigilant officer, as the Diwan- i-Ariz (minister of war) in charge of the army.

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  • Balban’s health gradually declined after the shock of his son’s death.
  • He was old and was at quite advance stage of his life. Realizing his end he summoned his youngest son Bughra Khan, the governor of Bengal to Delhi. 



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