Online Practice Test for Railway Group D 2018 of 16th July 2018.

Online Practice Test for Railway Group D 2018 of 16th July 2018.

Online Practice Test for Railway Group D 2018 of 16th July 2018.


1. The HCF of two numbers is 15 and their LCM is 300. If one of the numbers is
60, the other is:

A. 50
B. 75
C. 65
D. 100

2. Satish remembers that his brother’s birthday is after fifteenth but before
eighteenth of February whereas his sister Kajal remembers that her brother’s
birthday is after sixteenth but before the nineteenth of February. On which day in
February is Satish’s brother’s birthday?

A. 16th
B. 17th
C. 18th
D. 19th

3. She died because they did not immediately ……………. a doctor.

A. call-up
B. call from
C. call in
D. call at

4.  A truck covers a distance of 550 m in 1 min whereas a bus covers a distance of
33 km/s in 45 min. The ratio of their speeds is:

A. 4 : 3
B. 3: 5
C. 3: 4
D. 50 : 3

5. The 2018 International Day of Tropics is observed on which date?

A. June 27
B. June 28
C. June 29
D. June 30

6. The Indian Constitution is regarded as:

A. Unitary
B. Federal
C. Parliamentary
D. Federal in form and Unitary in spirit

7. The book “Indomitable Spirit” is written by:

A. Jhumpa Lahiri
B. Khushwant Singh
C. Rajmohan Gandhi
D. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

8. Who won the first prize of National Human Rights Commission’s logo design contest?

A. Prashant Mishra
B. Aayushi Garg
C. Bansi Lal Ketki
D. Dharm Priya Singh

9. In a certain code, GARIMA is written as 725432 and TINA as 6482. How is
MARTINA written in that code?

A. 3256482
B. 3265842
C. 3645862
D. 3658426

10. Choose the correct full form for the abbreviation ‘CEO’.

A. Chief Economic Officer
B. Chief Executive Officer
C. Chief Employment Officer
D. Chief Engineering Officer

11. Parsec” is the unit of measurement of :

A. Density of stars
B. Astronomical distance
C. Brightness bf Heavenly Bodies
D. Orbital Velocity of Giant Stars

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The Indian Constitution is regarded as…

ANSWERS: 1.A, 2.B, 3.C, 4.C, 5.C, 6.D, 7.D, 8.C, 9.A, 10.B, 11.B.

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