Mitra Shakti 2017 : India – Sri Lanka joint Military exercise held in Pune

Mitra Shakti 2017

On the day of 13th of October 2017, Grand Opening of Ceremony takes place that inaugurated the India-Sri Lanka joint Training Exercises in Pune. It was the 5th MITRA SHAKTI 2017 training. The ceremony took place in Aundh Military Station, which is based mainly on Counter Terrorist Operations.  Various infantry companies of India and Sri Lanka have participated in the joint exercise here. The 5th Mitra Shakti 2017 training lasted for 14 days that is from 13th of October 2017 to 26th of October 2017.

The main response of this exercise is to respond the efforts of China, that is increasing its influence over South Asia and the Indian Ocean region. The army of India and Sri Lanka serve together in the missions of United Nations Peacekeeping.

Some key facts of Mitra Shakti 2017:

  • The Mitra Shakti series started in the year 2012 between India and Sri Lanka.
  • The fourth edition of the Mitra Shakti was held in the year 2016, at the Sinha Regimental Center, located at Ambepussa, Sri Lanka.
  • The training includes weapon training, complex battle strategies and basic military tactics.
  • The fifth year of the exercise gives a strong sign to the world that both India and Sri Lanka are ready to overcome the threat of terrorism by standing beside each other.
  • The opening ceremony also gave the chance to view the spectacular unarmed combat, the pipe band and the Khukri dance that was carried out by the Indian Army.
  • A stunning display of the Udarata Narthanaya was also carried out by the army of Sri Lanka.
  • Two Cheetah helicopters of the Indian Army Aviation were also carried out which displayed the flags of both the countries in the ceremony.
  • The Mitra Shakti exercise also contributes to the development of mutual understanding and respect both the countries carry for the military of each other.


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