India tops in the WHO’s Global TB Report 2017


The World Health Organization (WHO) published the World Tuberculosis Report 2017 on 30th October 2017. The seven countries account for 64% of the total new TB cases. These countries are India, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria and South Africa.

India accounts for the largest number of new Tuberculosis (TB) cases in 2016 with 27.9 lakh TB patients. Out of these only 19,38,158 cases were reported leaving 8.5 lakh still missing a treatment. 4.23 lakh patients succumbed to the infection in India. China has an estimated 8.95lakh TB patients who are around 1/3rd of India.

WHO is publishing the annual report on TB since 1997. It brings to light the latest assessment of TB epidemic and the status of prevention, diagnosis and treatment capabilities.

Key Points of Global TB Report 2017:

  • There were an estimated 4 million (1.04 crore) new TB cases, all over the world in 2016.
  • Out of the total, around 6 lakh cases exhibited resistance to the first line TB drug Rifampicin. Out of this 4.9 lakh cases were Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) TB.
  • TB retains its spot as the top infectious. A total of 3 million (13 lakh) people have died due to TB in 2016.
  • 4 lakh deaths have been recorded of TB patients co-infected with HIV.
  • There are large global gaps in detection and reporting of TB which is the biggest challenge in its treatment and prevention. Out of the 10.4 million cases, only 3 million were notified, distilling a global gap of 4.1 million.
  • There were 476,774 cases of HIV+ TB out of which 15% are still without antiretroviral therapy (ART).
  • Of the total US$9.2 billion required for TB Prevention and Care, the 118 low and middle-income countries (97% TB cases reported here) invested only US$6.9 billion.

Highlights of World Health Organization:

  • WHO was founded in 1948. Its headquarter is in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • 8th Director General of WHO is Tedros Adhanom of Ethiopia. He commenced his 5-year term on July 1, 2017.

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