Veteran Historian Satish Chandra passed away

Veteran Historian Satish Chandra passed away

One of the most veteran scholars of Indian history, Satish Chandra drew his last breath on 13th October 2017. The eminent historian was 95 years old and is well- known as India’s most distinguished professor of medieval history and an educational administrator. History in the colonial times was also colonized; Indian culture seen through the eyes of the prejudiced foreigner. His books along with other secular nationalists works gave a new tinge to Indian history post-independence, a new interpretation of our past from our own eyes.

Achievements of Satish Chandra :

  • He has authored many notable books and authored many academic papers and articles in journals both in India and abroad. These books are revered for the overload of information provided in them about the medieval Indian culture, politics, and socio-economy.

His famous works are:

  1. Two-part volumes of Medieval India
  2. Parties and Politics at the Mughal court 1707-1740: This book is considered as a seminal work as it propounded the view that the fall of the Mughals was due to the problems in the Jagirdari and Mansabdari System. And it was not as a Hindu reaction to the policies of Aurangzeb, which was earlier the focus.
  • Mughal Empire and its downfall and much He also is credited with the compilation of the NCERT for Medieval History which was part of the school curriculum from 1970’s to early 2000. The book is one of the most exhaustive school books on the subject.
  • He is also among the stalwart founders who established the Centre for Historical Studies at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, along with Bipan Chandra, Romila Thapar, and S. Gopal. He taught as a Professor at Allahabad University, Aligarh Muslim University, Delhi University and JNU where he also held the post of Chairperson.
  • He had also acquired the designation of Chairman of the University Grants Commission from 1976-1981 and was the Vice Chairperson earlier from 1973-76.

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