Online Quiz for Railway Group D Exam 2018 of 18th July 2018.

Online Quiz for Railway Group D Exam 2018 of 18th July 2018.

1. Which of the following contains a water soluble neurotoxin which causes lathyrism?

[A] Masoor
[B] Urad
[C] Moong
[D] Kesari

2. Green house effect means?

[A] Pollution in houses in tropical regions
[B] Trapping of solar energy due to atmospheric oxygen
[C] Trapping of solar energy due to atmospheric carbon dioxide
[D] Cultivation in green house so as to check pollution

3. National income is based on the?

[A] Total revenue of the state.
[B] Production of goods and services.
[C] Net profit earned and expenditure made by the state.
[D] The sum of all factors of incomes.

4. Eyes of potato are useful for:

[A] Nutrition
[B] Reproduction
[C] Respiration
[D] Vegetative propagation

5. In the questions below, an assumption is followed by four reasons. Select the most appropriate reason. No one is allowed to shoot tigers because:

[A] Tigers eat other animals and thus maintain balance in their population.
[B] The species must be preserved.
[C] Tigers have stopped being maneaters.
[D] They are very much in demand by the circus and zoo people.

6. It is between 3 PM and 4 PM and the distance between the hour and the minute hands of colck is 18 minutes space. What time does the clock show?

[A] 3.12 PM
[B] 3.31 PM
[C] 3.36 PM
[D] 3.27 PM

7. The phenomenon of summer sleep by animals is called :

[A] Aestivation
[B] Hibernation
[C] Salvation
[D] None of the above

8. In a Parliamentary form of government, real powers are vested in :

[A] Parliament
[B] President
[C] Council of Ministers headed by the Prime Minister
[D] Judiciary

9. Who was the first Secretary-General of United Nations?

[A] Dag Hammerskjold
[B] U Thant
[C] Trygve Lie
[D] None of the above

10. Choose the correct full form for the abbreviation 'FBI'.

[A] Federal Bureau of Investment.
[B] Federal Bureau of Interest.
[C] Federal Bureau of India.
[D] Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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