Birthday Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji on 15th April

Birthday Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji on 15th April

Date of birth:  15th April 1469

Date of death: 22nd September 1539

Known for:  being the founder of Sikkhism

Guru Nanak’s biography:

Founder of Sikkhism religion, Guru Nanak is widely renowned teacher. The religion Sikkism always preached equality for one and all. Guru Nanak Devji was born to Mehta Kaloo ji and Mata Tripta ji in 1469 A.D at Talwandi. He was sent to school at the village by the age of 7.  Instances in school and other places proved that he had divine grace. In the year 1487 on 24th September, Nanak married Mata Sulkhani. They both had two sons namely Sri Chand and Laxhmi Chand.

Guru Nanak Dev ji’s achievements:

As a boy, Guru Nanak ji learned Arabic, Persian language. He travelled far and across to preach selfless service. The religion Sikkhism is based on the founding principles of being selfless, strive for the justice and benefit of others. For his preachings , Guru Nanak Dev ji is considered as the supreme guru by his followers even today. The offerings he received from the tours while preachings, were distributed among the poor.

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                                Guru Nanak Dev ji spent twenty five years of his life preaching the importance. Guru Nanak Dev ji formed a new religion called Sikkhism. Along with this, he also studied other religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism. The place of worship is called Gurudwar. Here food is offered to all overlooking their caste, sect, religion. Langar is a social gathering of people of all kinds. This indicates everyone is equal and one.

Guru Nanak devji’s recognition:

Guru Nanak Devji is known as the first guru of Sikkhism religion. Guru Nanak Dev ji composed the book, “Guru grant Saheb”.  This book consists of 974 hymns composed by Guru Nanak Devji. The major prayers in the holy book is Japji Sahib, Asa di Var, Sidh ghost.


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