Japanese PM Shinzo Abe visited India and signed MoU

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe visited India and signed MoU

13th of September 2017, brought new hopes for the expansion of biotechnology. Both India and Japan signed MoU for expanding an International laboratory that would carry a collaborative research for achieving new aspects in the field of biotechnology. The agreement was signed after a two-day delegation talk between the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Shinzo Abe and the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi in India.

Highlights about the MoUs signed by the two countries :

  • The MoU beholds the expansion of the laboratory that was set up by the Department of Biotechnology of India and the National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology in Japan with a new name DAILAB.
  • Located in Japan, DAILAB would be given a new name DAICENTER after its establishment.
  • The center would augment the level of training, joint research and networking programs that had been carried out through DAILAB and other six institutes that are popularly known as Satellite Institute for Special Training, Education and Research for that last three years.
  • According to the MoU, DAILAB would also concentrate on the connection of the academia to the innovation of the industry and network to promote science and technology relationships with both the countries.
  • The MoU was also signed between the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Indian Government and the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan. The main aim of this MoU was to co-operate and collaborate in the field of disaster risk reduction along with sharing experiences, policies, and knowledge on the disaster prevention.
  • Another agreement included the skill development in the field of Japanese Language Education in India, which was signed between the MEA and MOFA. It was signed to strengthen the bilateral relations and co-operation for Japanese teaching in India.
  • To facilitate and accelerate the Japanese Investments in India through the development of India-Japan Investment Promotion Roadmap that is between DIPP and METI.

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