Hurricane Harvey adversely destroyed the American lives

Hurricane Harvey adversely destroyed the American lives

The 17th of August, 2017, brought a black day to the lives of people living in America when the place experienced the most expensive disaster. According to the forecast of AccuWeather, the Americans faced a horrible hurricane which was named as “Harvey that brought havoc in Louisiana and Texas on the Southeast of US. The disaster is expected to bring a total loss of USD 190 billion, that is nearly 1 percent of the total GDP of the nation.

Facts about Hurricane Harvey:

  • This disastrous Hurricane was the first one to bring landfall in the US, after Wilma that came in 2005 that is nearly after 12 years.
  • The four-day Hurricane brought a catastrophic flood to the state, among which various areas received rainfall of more than 40 inches over Texas.
  • Harvey is noted as the wettest tropical cyclone in the US, which peaked up to nearly 51.88 inches.
  • The flood destroyed thousands of homes, nearly 30000 people were displaced, and around 17000 or more were rescued.
  • The death list of people who died in the Hurricane Harvey reached to nearly 66 deaths, still counting on more.

Economic effects of Hurricane Harvey:

  • The Hurricane has brought losses that would have a great impact on each American along with the GDP growth of US.
  • The Federal Reserve is being forced by the deadly effects of the Hurricane to postpone the changes in the rate of interest for the year.
  • The disaster of the Hurricane has cut off the economic growth of the States in half than the predicted numbers.
  • The effects of the storm would be seen on every minor and major aspect like food, gas, prices of various shopping items, jobs, and much more.
  • The standing waters of the storm can lead to health issues due to the rapid growth of mosquitoes.

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