3rd National Wildlife Action Plan for 2017 – 2031 unveils for wildlife conservation

3rd National Wildlife Action Plan for 2017 – 2031 unveils for wildlife conservation

On the day of initiation of the conference of Global Wildlife Program in New Delhi on 2nd October 2017, Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Dr. Harshardhan launched the 3rd National Wildlife Action Plan 2017-2031, a concerted and most modern action plan for wildlife conservation. The 1st plan was inaugurated in 1983-2001 while the 2nd plan term lasted from 2002-2016.

Highlights of the National Wildlife Action plan:

  • The plan was initiated in February 2016, and the final paper was drafted by a committee called Wildlife Action Committee comprising 12 members under the chairmanship of JC Kala, a former secretary in the Ministry.
  • It’s a unique and profound initiative which for the maiden time has acknowledged the adverse impact of climate change on wildlife. Hence out of the total 103 Conservation Actions and 250 projects prescribed in the final plan, 7 Conservation Actions and 11 projects are solely dedicated to mitigating the impact of climate change and adapt wildlife programmes to the new challenges.
  • The plan advocates “Landscape Approach” to conservation according to which the whole landscape of the region is a target area, and conservation practices are not limited to the reserved forest area.
  • The plan also prescribes a role for the private sector and its responsibilities in the conservation of wildlife and highlights the importance of people’s participation in reducing animal- man conflicts.
  • The plan has urged the private sector to include wildlife conservation in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. Many companies had shown their enthusiasm even though ‘animal welfare’ did not qualify as a separate category for CSR in the Companies Act 2013 and hence it was included in the revised policy in 2014.

Global Wildlife Program

  • It is World Bank-led initiative to share the best practices for wildlife conservation and sustainable development through fighting illegal wildlife trafficking and poaching.
  • The program focuses action on illegal trade and poaching in 19 countries of Africa and Asia.
  • The Global Environment facility launched the program in 2015.

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