HIV and AIDS (Prevention and control) Bill, 2017 passed in parliament

HIV and AIDS (Prevention and control) Bill, 2017 passed in parliament

The parliament passed the HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control Bill), 2017 on 11 April 2017. The bill aims in the prevention and control of the disease and protection of human rights of those who are affected by it. The bill also bans any discrimination against such people by treatment, employment, and workplace.

Highlights of this Bill:

  • Discrimination shall not be done against HIV positive persons in denial, termination, discontinuation or unfair treatment with matters relating to employment, educational establishments, healthcare services, residing or renting property.
  • No HIV test, medical treatment or research could be performed on a person without his consent.
  • The Union or State Governments shall take required preventive measures to curb the spread of HIV or AIDS, provide anti-retroviral therapy and infection management for persons infected with HIV or AIDS and also facilitate their access to welfare schemes mainly for women and children, and others.
  • Each state government will be appointing an ombudsman to inquire into complaints regarding the violation of the Act and the providing health care services.
  • A person between the age of 12 to 18 years who has maturity and understanding regarding the matters of his HIV or AIDS-affected family will act as a guardian of another sibling below 18 years of age.
  • Cases relating to HIV positive persons shall be disposed of by the court on a priority basis.
  • In matters of a court proceeding, if the party is any HIV infected or affected person, the court may order that the proceedings be conducted by hiding the identity of the person.


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