Joint military exercise Surya Kiran XI conducted

Joint military exercise suruya kiran XI conducted

This year joint military exercise Surya Kiran XI was conducted at the Pithoragarh region of Uttarakhand. This is an annual exercise which takes place between India and Nepal. The two-week long joint exercise between the two battalions is focused on the skill which comes handy at the time of disaster management, counter-insurgency, and Jungle warfare.

Important facts related to Surya Kiran XI:

  • The purpose of Surya Kiran XI joint exercise was to train both countries troop in the area of disaster management like an earthquake, counter-insurgency and in case of Jungle – warfare against Naxalism.
  • The Indo-Nepal relations will also improve because of such military exercises.
  • It focuses on other important aspects such as HADR operations and environmental conservation.
  • In this exercise, Indian Army was represented by the trained troops of Punjab regiment’s-Ekta Shakti Battalion while from Nepal’s end representing its army was Durga Baksh Battalion.
  • The armies from both the countries will get benefit from the experience gained in this drill and will surely boost the relations on friendly relationship between the two countries.
  • This Surya Kiran exercise is successfully conducted since 2011 twice a year.
  • The event takes place once in India and the other time in Nepal.
  • Last time it was conducted in Nepal in November 2016 at Sajihinde.
  • It is the largest drill participation amongst the two troops in series of military training exercise ever conducted by our country.
  • The main vision behind such an exercise is the promotion of military relations amongst the two countries along with counter insurgency operations in mountain terrains.

Overall it is a drill which should be conducted in other countries as well. It gives a chance for bilateral agreements and opens the relations gate for other opportunities and lay the foundation for friendly relations.

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